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SEWER: With many years of experience  we can help you with your sewer service repair or replacement. We have replaced many sewer services in the Tri-Cities and have come to know the different applications in this area.  Quality Backhoe Services are up to date with city regulations and specifications when it comes to sewer installations and repairs. Not only will we fix your sewer problem but we will use the latest materials that guarantee our work to last! We also install Sewer line extensions, Manholes, Sewer pumps, Grease traps, Backflow valves and much  more. Call us today for your free on site estimate!  (509) 545-0242



WATER: Quality Backhoe Services EXCELS  in all phases of water installations and repairs. From retrofitting existing water systems of great size too small service lines in backyards. Theres no job too big or small that we can't handle when it comes to domestic water installation and remember we are insured and licensed to work in the city right of way. You can count on us to get the job done and with quality CRAFTSMANSHIP!

Concrete And Asphalt Removal: Quality Backhoe Services also provides concrete breaking and asphalt removal. From house foundations, sidewalks, driveways to swimming pools you can count on us to get the job done! We also perform our own saw cutting when it comes to cutting existing asphalt or concrete. Do you need to rip out some old asphalt and patch it? No worries!  We can cut out the bad area's and install New Asphalt!  

LOT CLEARING AND LEVELING: Do you have land and would like to get it cleared? Let us help you with that! We can haul away debris or grade unleveled areas. Are your looking to sell your land and want it looking it's best. Having your land cleared can make a huge impact on the speed at which your property is sold and the purchase priced. Q.B.S  have performed numerous lot clearing and grading jobs over the years for commercial and residential properties. Below are some before and after images.

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